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Taylor Ranch Kennels Perm. Reg'd  
started out 27 years ago with promoting and breeding dobermans with much success.  Our program included some of Europe's top lines at the time including, Franckenhorst, v.d. Wieteke Hoeve,  vom Norden Stam, and Vom Donautal.  In 2003 after losing our wonderful male, Vasco, we retired from Dobermans as we needed time to heal our broken heart.

In 2014, I was ready to add another doberman to our family, and searched for the right pedigree to start out with. I found that special dog in Hungary out of the "di Caresi" kennel.  

Having Rayna join our family has brought back my passion for this breed, and Taylor Ranch Kennels has proudly built a small quality program.  
Our home is now blessed with Rayna,  and our co-owned male, Valen that resides with our daughter Julia.

For more information on our dobermans, and potential pups, please visit the pages linked below.
Taylor Ranch Kennels is proud to present dalmatians, dals, spotted dogs, dalmatian puppies, carriage dog, firehouse dog, all puppies are for sale, we are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, CKC, and are registered breeders.
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Taylor Ranch Kennels Perm. Reg'd
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