Taylor Ranch Kennels
Just wanna let you know how amazing Krypto is he. Is one of the best dogs we have ever had just want to say thank you for giving us this amazing dog I will keep sending pictures.
Hi guys!
I hope all is well, Molson is growing so fast and has become like our baby! Molson is so cuddly and is so playful and nice. He has become such a wonderful part of our family, it seems as if he has always been here.

Take care,
Katelyn and Jordan
Hello Twyla, Hope everything is great there? I see Puppies are due soon that's exciting!

I thought I would share some pictures with you, Bruiser celebrated his Birthday this weekend by finishing his rally novice title. He got one leg a second a couple weekends ago and this weekend got a second with a 95 and a third with a 93. We both improved so much from the first time we were out when we got a 79, I am so proud of the little monkey! I have put a slight hold on showing Millie for a couple months, I am letting her mature and fill out a little but she is alo doing great!

Hi Twyla,
Hope you are enjoying the summer.
Here is a pic of ZOOM ZOOM ZOLA on her mat!
She is a beautiful pup, has a great disposition and  socializes well with other dogs. She plays hard, and loves to swim!!
We are having fun with her, and she keeps us active!
All the best,
Dan & Paula
Hello Twyla,
Hope you're having a wonderful spring.
I'm happy to report that we're all doing well and little Miss Southern Bell (Dixie/Lucy) is amazing. She has toughened up and now engages play with most dogs in our neighbourhood. She is fast, playful and gentle. At home she is the perfect combination of respectful little pup and and big couch potato, as evidenced by the attached photos.
Hello from Thunder Bay.Twyla. Leena and I were thinking of you when we were celebrating "D"`s Brithday. He is just a great dog! Smart and a very quick study,we are so glad he is a part of our family.Deisel is one year old, how time flies.
Kind Regards Bruce & Leena
P.S. "D" loves to swim he has really taken to the water ,loves the cottage
Hi Twyla!
How are you? I've been meaning to email you and send you some pictures for awhile. Chance is doing great! He is quite the little character, as you can see from the first two picture, he loves sitting on the couch watching tv. Especially the dog whisperer haha. The last time we weighed him he was 26llbs! I any believe how big he is getting. He is learning lots and people are always impressed with how smart and well behaved he is. I don't think we could have asked for a better puppy, so thanks again!
Hope all is well with you,
Hi Twyla,
I wanted to give you an update on Jake. He is turned out to be the sweetest boy. He is so much like Lila I cannot tell you. He is always cuddling by my side and is really my special dog. He gets along great with Hannah and he is almost as big as Sam already. So the three of them have tons of fun playing. Sam has lost 9 pound since they arrived and our Vet is very pleased.
I am including a picture of Hannah and Jake and this is how they always sleep, on the couch or in their crate.
I hope all is well with you.
Hey there Twyla!

Ok so we bought Loki (Smudge) from you almost a year ago- his birthday is in a couple weeks here and I just wanted to share some photos with you! He really is doing great and everyone always compliments on what a good looking dog he is and he really is great. He's got a wonderful personality and I love him. Don't really know what I would do without him! I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to have Loki in the first place. He really does make our house a home.

He really is a stunning dog and I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful dog he has grown to be! Thank you again Twyla!

Proud mom of TR Spotted Mister Loki
aka Smudge ;)
Hi Twyla
It's been awhile
Just an update on Loki. He is doing wonderful 80lbs now and muscly like his father!! Wonderful temperament and very playful.
Also to let you know we have moved! Lots more room for him and lily to frolic!

Lots of love
Prince Loki of nova court
Good Morning Twyla,
I wanted to touch base and give you an update on Bella and Bart.
Bella is such a sweet girl with a gentle nature but make no mistake, she stands her ground when strangers walk past our house or the vehicle when she goes for a car ride. She's very gentle with children when we go for walks and just loves to greet them with a few sniffs and a wagging tail. I'm trying to encourage her to participate in Lure chasing, seems it's not her thing. She'd just rather be the happy go lucky girl running along side mom..lol Which is fine with me. I'm thrilled Bella will actually stay in the yard and sniff around and run with out running out after another dog out for a walk. She just simply stands there and watches them walk by then carries on with her business.
I'm loving the fact she loves to cuddle with me, such a momma's girl. She's adjusting very well to her new home.

Mr. Bart..
What a guy. We are having such a great time with Bart. He just loves Lure chasing, he can't get enough of it and we love to see him run. When he's not chasing the lure Bart is just as happy snuggling with Daddy, Ross, on the sofa or on Sunday mornings in bed..lol Snuggle boy is his nick name around here. It doesn't matter where you are in the house,Like Bella, even the bathroom he's there to try and steal some attention..lol
Ross is now getting used to having a dog every where he goes checking every thing out that he does. But that's a Dal always by your side.
He's very gentle and like Bella he loves to go for his walks. He too is very gentle when greeting children, tail wagging a few sniffs while the kids are amazed to be actually petting a Dalmatian.

Both Bella and Bart are a wonderful addition to our family. I can't imagine our lives with out them.
Thank you for placing your trust in us to lovingly take care of your fur babies.

We look forward to our third Dal, one of Bart's off spring very soon.
I'm so excited to see what the future holds for our third, new addition, fur baby.

Thank you!
Toni-Lynne Martin.

Just thought I'd touch base with you; Gypsy loves her new home, she is growing up so fast and is extremely healthy! She loves going for walks and playing outdoors and adores children! I've also included a few pictures!
All the best, Bailey :)